Nature versus nurture? It’s not that simple.

“A University of British Columbia and Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics (CMMT) study has revealed that childhood poverty, stress as an adult, and demographics such as age, sex and ethnicity, all leave an imprint on a person’s genes. And, that this imprint could play a role in our immune response.

The study was published last week…” story continued here at ScienceDaily.

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When science is so wrong, it’s right.

No matter what kind of science you’re into, there’s a way to make it sound borderline inappropriate. The proof is in these awesome products:

Make Grad School Suck Less

Pick your flavor of study, click on it, and choose from dozens of ways to proclaim your kinky science love. Don’t see your favorite science topic? Leave a comment telling me which field you want to see (e.g. “I want astrology!”) and I’ll make the inappropriate references happen, and you can get your swag.

Deal? Deal.



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The science of the chubby chaser.

Before I go anywhere with this post, is the term “chubby chaser” offensive? If it is, you have my apologies, but I’m from Generation Y, and I think we view “chubby chaser” as something of a technical term for a person of any gender or sexual leaning who romantically prefers individuals with some extra meat on his or her bones. Y’know: thick, bootylicious, more to love, junk in the trunk…don’t act like you’re not familiar with these concepts.

Now that we’re all on the same page, what if I told you that recent research suggests that some chubby chasers (i.e. EVERY RAPPER EVER) might just be stressed out? That is, what if psychological stress leads one to chase the chubby? Let’s explore this hypothesis further in today’s post.

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Sweet swag, hip Harvard, & ample alcohol

I want to talk about a shirt. Specifically, I want to talk about this shirt:

It happens to be one of many Awesome ThinkGeek Shirts. If you are reading this post, then A) you’ve probably already heard of ThinkGeek, and B) there’s a good chance you know what the molecule on that shirt is.

If neither A) nor B) applies to you, though – that’s okay! Because I plan to discuss 1) what the molecule represents, 2) which school I think the shirt is poking fun at, and why it’s of personal interest to me, and 3) what the molecule has to do with schooling, anyway.

This will be fun…

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Ebola could kill you. This is not a test.

In my last post, I didn’t talk about Ebola. This is primarily because the Ebola virus plushy toy is nowhere near as cute as, say, Chlamydia or Herpes:

Chlamydia! :)

Herpes! :)

I mean, seriously…the Ebola virus just looks like an earthworm of some sort. But despite its unfortunate lack of cute, Ebola is a big deal. A really big deal. In this post, I’ll tell you what the big deal is, and why you just might have to start worrying about it.

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The fun side of STDs!

Aren’t they the cutest?

So, if you’re STD savvy, you might have realized that all of the plush toys above are named after venereal diseases. These adorable little guys are the Venereals. I want to reiterate that these are cuddly toys that look like the actual infectious agents that give you these diseases. A little weird, maybe? Yes.

But I own them all. Can you imagine a better conversation starter? (“Oh that’s cute, what is that little star-shaped toy?” …”Herpes.” :) ). If you’ve ever wanted nerdy street cred, now is your chance. Just click the link for Venereals and these nasty little cuties can be all yours. Now let me explain myself….

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Try Nerdy: Resurrected and Rebooted.

I am back and ready to reclaim my title as Least Dependable Blogger ever!

Not, but really though…I got engaged recently. It’s kind of a big deal! So between planning a wedding, seeing how much they cost (OMG), and bringing home a third kitten…blogging got pushed to the wayside. And I’m sorry but OH MY GOSH LOOK AT THE KITTY:



In all honesty, I think the blog will be going in a very different direction. There are tons of sites that are juggernauts when it comes to science blogging (e.g. But, if I’m keeping it real, I like to think that my love of sarcasm sets my blog apart.

So I think I will maintain my wittiness, but try to get people to bring nerdy stuff into their homes….

And I will leave you on that cryptic note… :D



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All things nerdy meme!

Memes are the funnest. Under the cut, I’ve put roughly a thousand memes (not really, but a lot) that I’ve made about science, grad school, and blogging. They’re approximately hilarious, though there may be a smidgen of profanity. Feel free to steal them, pass them off as your own, send them along to friends, post them to your blog, whatever!

But it would also be cool if you tweeted the post, liked it on Facebook, submitted it to Reddit…. :)

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Those hallucination-things as you fall asleep.

On Wednesdays, I wake up at 4:00 AM. It doesn’t matter why, but suffice it to say that I really want a nap around, say, 3:00 in the afternoon. As I am writing this, it is 5:00 PM on a Wednesday and I haven’t had a nap. And yet I am taking the time to write a blog post. So I’m really sleepy.

But I digress. You know how, sometimes, right before you fall sleep, you’ll have those weird hallucination-type things, and it’s somewhere in between waking and sleeping and feels surprisingly real? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then this post may not make any sense to you.

For the rest of you, check out this research where people actually studied those hallucinatory moments right before sleep. By the way, being a participant in this study seems like it was equal parts awesome and annoying.

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Your stink reveals more than you think.

Hmmm...I smell about 28 years old.

People frequently complain about that “old person smell.” Mothers often delight in that unique “baby smell.” And sometimes young 20-something guys smell kind of gross (just kidding! Sort of).

But does any of that have a basis in science?

Yes, yes it does. This post will describe the smelly, somewhat weird, yet informative study that proves that your odor might just give away your age (sorry, ladies).

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