Try Nerdy: Resurrected and Rebooted.

I am back and ready to reclaim my title as Least Dependable Blogger ever!

Not, but really though…I got engaged recently. It’s kind of a big deal! So between planning a wedding, seeing how much they cost (OMG), and bringing home a third kitten…blogging got pushed to the wayside. And I’m sorry but OH MY GOSH LOOK AT THE KITTY:



In all honesty, I think the blog will be going in a very different direction. There are tons of sites that are juggernauts when it comes to science blogging (e.g. But, if I’m keeping it real, I like to think that my love of sarcasm sets my blog apart.

So I think I will maintain my wittiness, but try to get people to bring nerdy stuff into their homes….

And I will leave you on that cryptic note… :D



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  1. MST says:

    My daughter is planning her wedding too. Expect sticker shock at the prices of wedding gowns, venues, etc. My poor daughter has Vera Wang taste and a David’s Bridal budget, so she had to scale things back a bit.

    BTW, Congratulations!

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